What the Guild brings to the community

What the Guild does for its members

What the Guild brings to the community

As a Guild, we believe that it is important to give back to the community that supports us. Below are some of the activities we initiated in 2021-2022.

Kemptville Farmer’s Market Mural

The NGAG mural artists

The new mural for the music shed at the Kemptville Farmer’s Market was unveiled August 14, 2022. Five NGAG artists contributed over 120 hours to create the mural. Read more about the mural.

UKRAINIAN Support Efforts

Support Ukraine

Many NGAG member artists have contributed artwork to raise funds for the Ukrainian Support Efforts. These beautiful pieces are on display at the North Grenville Public Library until at least September 19, 2022. They are all available for purchase with 100% of the proceeds being donated. View the pieces on our Facebook page.

Raise funds for Big Sky Ranch

Colouring book created using Guild Member artwork

December 2021: North Grenville Arts Guild Members donated some of their art for a colouring book project to raise funds for Big Sky Ranch over the 2021 Holiday season. They were sold by our gracious supporters B&H Grocer, Kemptville Pet Valu and the North Grenville Public Library.

Provide community entertainment

Sally and Mandy sunning on Salamander’s patio

February 2022: Designed and built by NGAG Member Johanna Jansen, Sally and Mandy, two salamander snow sculptures, were grabbing some rays on the Salamanders restaurant patio in Kemptville.

Raise funds for Outreach Programs

Collaborative art auctioned to raise funds for the North Grenville Public Library

March thru June 2021: Ten Guild Members collaborated by each adding a layer or element to a canvas over a 7 week period. The resulting artworks were auctioned off to assist the North Grenville Public Library with their outreach programs.

Bring art enjoyment to the community

Guild members setting up for an art show and sale outside of Salamanders

August 2021: The North Grenville Arts Guild, together with Mr. Paul Cormier of Salamanders restaurant, hosted a Kemptville Summer Art Show. The rain did not stop residents from viewing and acquiring lovely art and enjoying a fabulous meal at Salamander’s afterwards.

What the Guild does for its Members

With Covid restrictions and health protocols making it more difficult to meet as a group, staying visible and meaningful has been more challenging. Here is a list of all the things that your Guild Executive and a few dedicated Volunteers have been doing since the start of the pandemic.

  • Participated in a co-operative canvas project
  • Put on a Canada Day showcase of the co-operative canvas project at the North Grenville Public Library.
  • Created a slideshow showcase on North Grenville Arts Guild our Facebook video tab, complete with original music, “Amblin'” written by Neil Pringle.
  • Placed a 3D art cabinet in the North Grenville Public Library as a venue spot for Members who specialize in 3D Art.
  • Continued to place Member’s art in the community via our Venues Program when it could be done.
  • Ran a summer show outside of Salamanders Restaurant while following COVID restrictions.
  • Maintained monthly virtual meetings during the pandemic.
  • Maintained a year-long Saturday virtual Art-In when we couldn’t meet face-to-face.
  • Streamlined and updated the website.
  • Created an electronically sign-able application form.
  • Sent out a monthly newsletter to keep our Members informed.
  • Maintained a link with the community via articles and announcements in The North Grenville Times newspaper.
  • Centralized Guild documents in the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Acquired grids for the Guild so that we no longer need to rent them.
  • Acquired a centralized storage locker for all of the Guild’s equipment.
  • Did not take fees for 2020/21 to support Members who might be experiencing hardships through loss of work.

As you can see, we have not been idle. We hope to see many more of you on our online meetings and Art-Ins so that we can maintain this vibrant Art community.

In 2022 our list of achievements continues to grow

  • Big Sky Ranch Christmas fundraiser – colouring book with art contributed by our members
  • Web site updates. Complete redesign and member page added
  • Spring show at Salamanders Restaurant patio, end of May
  • Experience Art Fest representation, end of June
  • Negotiated a new meeting venue for the upcoming year
  • Created a showcase mural for Kemptville farmers market
  • Venues program continues to operate
  • Virtual “Art-In” each Saturday Morning continues
  • Ongoing grid rental program
  • Ukrainian fundraiser with art donated by members
  • Hosted the successful ‘Wonderfall” art show and sale at the W.B. George Centre on the Kemptville Campus on November 12-13, 2022.
  • Mounted an ‘In-Memoriam’ exhibit at Kemptville Public Library dedicated to 3 well-loved and sorely missed guild members. Nov 2022 – Feb 2023