Kemptville Farmers Market Mural

The Making of a Memory – NGAG Tells All

August 14, 2022

Remember when you were young? Even before you could read you knew what-was-what because of signs, logos and posters. Some were as simple as a giant “M”, while others were a poster of a shamrock and a blue box of cookies. We still use art to navigate our world and evoke images of destinations, fun and desires.

The NGAG became involved in the KFM’s bid to have a permanent, easily recognizable, and representative design for the Market. They put out a bid for drawings and chose the original sketch by Guild member Johanna Jansen. When execution became necessary, the NGAG took on the task. Volunteers were assembled and a lead artist was chosen. Caroline Marshall, an experienced sign and scenery painter, whose former work was seen many times as backdrops, etc. for the old Kemptville Players, stepped up. Caroline, Tammy Keith, Tabitha Valliant, Leahbeth Harding and Johanna became the force behind the large, colourful mural recently unveiled at the KFM.

The process was begun. The KFM provided funds for the boarding and the materials to the Guild, the wood was prepared, and the painting began. Caroline oversaw the execution every step of the way as well as actively participating to ensure consistency of the whole piece. The mural was mounted in a space at the home of Tammy (president of the Guild) where it could be worked on until completion. No stenciling or mechanical methods were employed, and each small component of the mural was painstakingly created with attention to detail. One hundred and twenty hours of intense creativity finally came to an end when Team Lead Caroline declared the project finished. She and Tammy varnished the mural and made sure that it should provide enjoyment & recognition for the Market for years to come.

The theme of the mural is Community – NG’s farmers and makers are represented in aspects of the design. There is produce, honey, coffee and of course maple syrup included, as well as a nod to B & H Your Community Grocer, whose Jim Beveridge has been so integral to the success of the KFM.

The official unveiling took place on Sunday, August 14 and was attended by the artists, mayor and council, Jim, and representatives for the KFM. It was well attended by the community. The completed mural was mounted on the KFM Entertainment Stage, where it sits visible to all of North Grenville.

When the seasons change it serves as a reminder of summer days, good food, good friends, and the community that is North Grenville. In short, a memory of all that our community has to offer.