Colouring Book Project Success!

The North Grenville Arts Guild wishes to thank all the members of our Community who have helped us make such a success of our fundraiser for Big Sky Ranch. We have sold nearly all of the 200 Colouring Books and not only managed to cover our own cost for their production, but also donate a sizable amount to the ranch.

Special thanks go to B&H Grocer, Kemptville Pet Valu, and the Public Library for helping us get these books into the hands of our Community and graciously giving us counter space on which to display the books. The Guild is so very appreciative of all the help we were given to produce, assemble, and then sell these books. We also wish to thank all of the members of our Community who actually bought these Colouring books to support such a good cause! We hope that you enjoy using them and sharing them with friends and family.

North Grenville Arts Guild Shines a Christmas Light on Big Sky Ranch

It’s Christmas time and a time for giving. Many artists don’t have much to give but their art. The North Grenville Arts Guild (NGAG) are giving some of their art to a project to raise some funds for the Big Sky Ranch over the Holiday season.

Big Sky Ranch is a recovery Safe Haven for animals. Originally established in 2002 by the late and very much missed, Andy Parent, as a sanctuary for abused & abandoned domestic and farm animals. The 26 acre, no-kill sanctuary has come to the aid of 3,500 animals to date and continues to offer second chances to a wide variety of animals. Big Sky is funded by donations and volunteers and donors. They provide feed, care, veterinary services, adoption services and safe forever homes for many animals who are unable to be placed elsewhere. All of these wonderful initiatives come at a great cost, not only of energy and goodwill, but actual operating money.

This year, as part of the NGAG’s ongoing commitment to give back to the community, the Guild artists have contributed a variety of themed pages to create a one-of-a-kind colouring book for the whole family. The book is an homage to the wonderful work that Andy started, and to those who continue his work with unfortunate animals in our community.

Just in time for Christmas giving, the North Grenville Arts Guild / Big Sky Ranch Family Colouring Book will be available to purchase with all proceeds going to help support Big Sky Ranch. Cost of each colouring book is $10.00.



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