More than a guild

The North Grenville Arts Guild (NGAG) is a coming together of some talented local like-minded artists. We’re here to support and encourage each other, whether we are aspiring or established artists.

There is no healthier drug than creativity

Nayyirah Waheed

About the North Grenville Arts Guild

We showcase art

Whether through the annual art show or on the walls of various venues around town, our NGAG Members’ art gets seen. Sweet, right?

We contribute to the community

As a guild, we like to give back too. We find creative ways to help local causes or just bring a smile to the Kemptville community. You can help too.

Our members mingle

Looking to connect with other NGAG Members? Join us every third Saturday of the month for the virtual Art-in. Paint, or enjoy a coffee while you chat or trade tips and techniques with other artists.  Your NGAG monthly member newsletter contains the Microsoft Teams links. Check your inbox!

Our members meet

The NGAG is an all-volunteer organization. Come to the monthly meetings held the second Monday of every month. Find out how you can make a difference. We depend on you to make this guild great! Your NGAG monthly member newsletter contains more details. Check your inbox! 

A word about the NGAG Supporters

We love our sUPPORTERS

We are so lucky. The NGAG has so many wonderful Supporters that we had to create a page specifically dedicated to them. Please visit or support them in any way you can.

Want to sponsor NGAG?

As a NGAG Sponsor, you would join an impressive group of local businesses that shine the light on some pretty awesome artists while promoting themselves. It’s a win-win. Ready?