1. What is the Venues Program and what is expected of participants? The Venues Program is a partnership with several Kemptville businesses who have agreed to provide our members with hanging space on their walls. They do not take a percentage of any sale that may occur through this program. The Guild has Venue Co-ordinators who liaise with the businesses to agree on pick-up and hanging times every few months.

    We require that participating Members sign an agreement with our Guild to respect the rules set out by this program. The agreement simply states that each Member will follow the timeline of the program, be flexible about pick-up and hanging times, work with each Co-ordinator to get their art placed or picked up, and not make private arrangements with the business or other Members that might disrupt the flow of the program.

  2. What is an Art-In? The Saturday Art-In is a relaxed meeting held on Microsoft Teams where Members can work in their own studio space on their own projects, while having a chat with other Artists. Working on something isn’t a requirement but being respectful and encouraging is.

  3. Do you hold an annual show? Yes, we do hold a show. Even during COVID, we have managed to hold at least one smaller, outdoor show each summer. When the health crisis is over, we will return to a larger, indoor show format where our Members can rent booths and the public will be invited to view the art.

  4. Do you offer an on-line gallery on your website? No, we do not. We have found this to be too time consuming an effort for the Member who took on this task. We encourage our Members to establish their own Web galleries.

  5. Do you have grids that I can rent? Yes, for a small fee per grid per day, you may rent grids from the Guild. We ask that you fill out a rental agreement form, adhere to that agreement, and be timely when picking up and returning the grids.

  6. How can I find out who else is a Member of the NGAG? While the Executive does not make the membership list public at this time, you can find friends by visiting our Facebook page, attending our on-line monthly meetings, and by participating in programs such as the Art-Ins, the Venues Program, and any Shows or activities we may hold.

  7. Who are the NGAG Executive Officers?
    President: Tammy Keith
    Vice-President: Caroline Marshall
    Treasurer: Tabitha Valliant
    Secretary: Emily Scholfield

  8. How do I make contact with the NGAG Executive Members? Our Executive Members can be contacted through the main Guild e-mail: northgrenvilleartsguild@gmail.com.

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